HG Construction and Great Marlborough Estates celebrate topping out of landmark west London site

Representing an exciting milestone, Friday 29th September saw the topping out of the desirable new west London address, Chiswick Green, which is transforming a former office building and revitalising a prime stretch of Chiswick High Road, opposite Turnham Green.

Chiswick Green’s First Show Apartment Provides A Stage For Local Excellence

To celebrate the launch of the first show apartment at our latest development, Chiswick Green, we teamed up with a curated selection of local artisans and businesses to showcase the very best of Chiswick.

Where to buy in 2023? Why the global media is looking to Chiswick…

As we welcomed in the new year, the global press turned its attention on where to buy and live in 2023.

Chiswick, with its great lifestyle offering, leafy setting and growing foodie scene, grabbed particular attention – as did our latest development in the area, Chiswick Green.

Chiswick Green – what the press have been saying

Since launching to the market earlier this year, our latest development, Chiswick Green, has been a hot topic in the global press.

The unique offering at Chiswick Green – which brings together leafy, village living in a well-connected London location – sparked the interest of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, which described the project as a “rare opportunity to live in one of the capital’s most soughtafter neighbourhoods”.

Chiswick Green : Market update – why Chiswick?

Chiswick might be known as one of London’s leafiest villages, but there’s far more than meets the eye in the west London neighbourhood.

It’s well established as a family-friendly destination, with great schools, proximity to the River Thames and an abundance of green space. But with shifting priorities post-pandemic, buyers from all over the world are now uncovering the opportunity Chiswick presents and as such the area is seeing a notable uptick in demand. Here, we take a closer look at why Chiswick is worth a closer look for buyers…

Introducing Chiswick Chronicles

Recently, we launched our latest campaign, Chiswick Chronicles. An alternative guide to the London village, we celebrate what makes it such a great place to live, exploring its hidden gems and local hotspots, from the perspective of the people who know it best: its local residents and workers.

Apollo and Carlyle back Chiswick resi with £76m loan

Great Marlborough Estates has secured £76m in debt funding for the redevelopment of Empire House in Chiswick, W4.

Controversial Chiswick redevelopment changes hands

GME co-founder Grant Lipton said: “Whilst COVID-19 has undoubtedly created some uncertainty, we remain committed to the long-term outlook for London and the capital’s property market thanks to strong underlying fundamentals. London will remain a preeminent global hub for business, culture and leisure, all of which will feed
into demand for housing in the city.”

GME picks up ‘landmark’ west London site from Lendlease

Grant Lipton and Dean Clifford’s firm has acquired the one-acre swathe from Lendlease for an undisclosed sum, in a move described as “a major vote of confidence in the London property market”.

GME to transform vacant London office tower into 137 new homes

Grant Lipton said “Whilst Covid-19 has undoubtedly created some uncertainty, we remain committed to the long-term outlook for London and the capital’s property market thanks so strong underlying fundamentals”.

Great Marlborough Estates buys office building for resi conversion

Great Marlborough Estates buys vacant office building in Chiswick from Lendlease for a new housing scheme.

Why London will still be the ‘live-work-play’ capital of the world

Grant Lipton discusses why people are wrong to call time on the capital’s place as the centre of the UK economy.

UK property prices rose at an 11-year high in a single month, survey points to investors still keen on the London market

Dean Clifford pointed out that London is a city with a lot of development potential, convenient time zone,
mature financial and professional services, emerging technology center and so on.

Property industry reacts to planning white paper

Dean Clifford said “These reforms to move towards a simplified, streamlined planning system that values
green spaces, great design and homeownership are a welcome step forward and will
undoubtedly help level the playing field for smaller developers and in time, boost the
supply of new housing.

New Infrastructure Levy to raise more than existing system

Dean Clifford said: “It is crucial that the government commits
funding to traditional affordable rented housing and social infrastructure such as new schools and
hospitals as the revenue raised by the new single levy alone won’t be enough, especially if
developments below a certain size are exempted from contributing.”

Property Portfolio: Quality Of Build Paramount in New Planning

Local authorities need to keep an eye on developers to ensure standards of construction
are kept up says Dean Clifford, co-founder of London luxury developer Great
Marlborough Estates.

London set to remain a top investment location post-pandemic

Dean Clifford commented “it’s unsurprising that London remains the
top investment destination post-pandemic. Whilst lockdown may
have seen some people move to the countryside or suburbs in
search of space, many will no doubt end up returning to the capital
as they miss the metropolitan lifestyle. Whilst technology has
helped us all navigate through these difficult times, it is no
substitute for real interaction.”

Help to Buy alone is not enough

Dean Clifford discusses how Help to Buy is not enough and planning reform is needed in order to bring the housing market back to life and boost.

London Property is Still a Safe Bet

Dean Clifford discusses the investor hunt for assets where they can protect value and find some certainty and helps to explain why there are still major property deals being done.

City could succeed even as travel dries up

Dean Clifford agrees that what he calls the “soft fundamentals” of London’s
attractiveness remain.

How developers can bring wellness concepts to the housing market Comment 29.05.20

With public places and workspaces embracing the wellness trends, housing developers need to play catch up, says Grant Lipton, co-founder of Great Marlborough Estates.

Government new home moving guidance published

Grant Lipton said “The housing market re-starting is obviously positive news, but it will
need more than a press release to give buyers and sellers confidence and so the
government needs to look at a range of measures to kick-start activity including a stamp
duty holiday.”

Great Marlborough Estates on developing during lockdown

Despite the implications of the global pandemic on the housing industry, Great Marlborough estates secured approval from the Secretary of State for Vauxhall Cross Island. Construction activity has also continued at Regent’s Crescent, where building works are in their final stage.

£600m Vauxhall towers approved by housing secretary

The £600m 52- and 42-storey towers were designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and will be
delivered by developer Great Marlborough Estates.

£600m Vauxhall towers cleared to go ahead

Vauxhall Cross Island, as the development is called, is and is being developed by Great
Marlborough Estates.

Housing secretary approves Vauxhall Cross Island

Great Marlborough Estates’ Vauxhall Cross Island will consist of 52-storey and 42-storey
towers – some of the tallest in the city and linked by a ten-storey podium, the developer

£600m London twin towers gets final all-clear

Developer Great Marlborough Estates plans to build two towers rising to 54 and 42
storeys in an area known as the Vauxhall cluster.

Overseas buyers will face 2% property tax

Dean Clifford said “The real estate market in the capital is the most globalized of all the cities in the UK . Although there have been many criticisms of developers selling off-plan properties to overseas investors, the fact is
that they provide an important source of financing.”

The problem with the new stamp-duty premium for overseas buyers

Dean Clifford comments that the surcharge is likely to “turn the Boris bounce into a belly
flop” — referring to the recent surge in market demand after Johnson was elected prime
minister in December.”

Budget 2020 reaction: Affordable housing pledge welcomed, but commentators sceptical about stamp duty increase

Dean Clifford, co-founder of Great Marlborough Estates: “The Boris bounce could
easily turn into a belly flop by damaging policies such as extra stamp duty for foreign
buyers, and it is London will end up worst affected…”

Industry opinion divided on Housing Spring proposals

“No politician wants to create a long-term body they can’t control.” – Dean Clifford, Great Marlborough Estates

Live updates: Budget 2020

Grant Thornton: “We are in support of a fundamental review into
the future of business rates”

Overseas homes buyers face 2% stamp duty surcharge

Dean Clifford said London’s economy would be damaged by the “punitive” new tax. “The capital has the
most globalised housing market of any UK city and while there has been a lot of criticism
of ‘off-plan’ sales to overseas investors, the fact is they provide a crucial source of
development finance.”

Sadiq Khan makes rent controls a key part of his pitch for re-election

Dean Clifford, co-founder at London developer Great Marlborough Estates, added: “At a
time when Londoners are crying out for good quality rental accommodation, the Mayor
is effectively looking to try and slam the brakes on the built to rent sector in the capital.

London mayor promises rent controls if re-elected

Dean Clifford, co-founder at Great Marlborough Estates said the policy, if enacted, would
effectively slam the brakes on the built to rent sector in the capital. He said: “If we want
London to be fit for the 21st century, we need to encourage more home building. Rent
controls will have the opposite effect and force large investors to think twice before
committing to projects in the capital.”

Khan’s mayoral election will be ‘referendum on rent controls’

Dean Clifford, co-founder at Great Marlborough Estates said: “At a time when
Londoners are crying out for good quality rental accommodation, the Mayor is effectively
looking to try and slam the brakes on the built to rent sector in the capital.

Find out if your council is building enough new homes

According to Dean Clifford, co-founder of the development company Great Marlborough
Estates, the Housing Delivery Test numbers show “the scale of the challenge facing
London in particular”. Yet bashing local authorities isn’t the answer: “Many council
planning departments are underfunded and under-resourced after nearly a decade of

The hidden man in fixing the housing crisis

Dean Clifford discusses the role played by the new governor of the Bank of England and how implicit he is in helping fix the housing crisis.

Private housing starts dip in 2019

Dean Clifford, co-founder at Great Marlborough Estates, said: “It is no secret that London
needs more homes so today’s figures are good news for the capital, even if the number
of completed homes fell last year, and the national picture is looking rosier too even if
we are some way off meeting the government’s house-building targets.”

Fast-track planning for beautiful buildings will do ‘little’ to tackle the housing crisis, claims London developer

Fast-tracking planning for more beautiful buildings will do “little to tackle the housing
crisis”, according to Dean Clifford, co-founder of developer Great Marlborough Estates.

Government considers fast-track for beauty

Dean Clifford, co-founder of Great Marlborough Estates, said there were
dangers in the state dictating any sort of definition for beauty. “Few could argue that
many of today’s housing estates are soulless and uninspired or that a lot of modern
architecture grates against what most people consider ‘beautiful’ but there is a real
danger here in having the government become an arbiter in what is beauty and what is

Beautiful homes should be the norm, not exception, says commission

Dean Clifford, co-founder of Great Marlborough Estates, said: “Few could argue that
many of today’s housing estates are soulless and uninspired or that a lot of modern
architecture grates against what most people consider ‘beautiful’ but there is a real
danger here in having the government become an arbiter in what is beauty and what is

2020 vision: predictions for the year ahead

Grant Lipton discusses the London housing market and the need for the Conservatives to reverse their proposed stamp duty surcharge for foreign buyers in order to see a return of overseas investors. Grant also talks about the need to pursue quality over quantity in the delivery of new homes in the coming year.

Firms may get refunds for plan delays

Dean Clifford, co-founder of Great Marlborough Estates, said: “Planning application fees can run as high as £300,000 for very large schemes. Any initiative which increases accountability on local authorities to deliver their part on time is to be welcomed.”

Experts assess likely impact of new national design guide

Dean Clifford, co-founder at Great Marlborough Estates, says: “There’s no doubt higher- quality, better-designed homes would help overcome opposition on the ground of new housing. However, it is important that the new design code doesn’t act as a cover for Nimbyism or add yet more complexity to the planning process.”

RESI Convention 2019: why London’s great estates are still great

New York and Hong Kong both have their real estate dynasties, but neither can match the history associated with London’s great estates.

Beauty is back in housebuilding

Dean Clifford, co-founder of Great Marlborough Estates, discusses recent initiatives to bring back beauty in housebuilding.

London house prices: tentative signs of property market ‘bottoming out’, says Rightmove

The time it takes to sell a home has stopped slowing, while asking prices across the capital are levelling out.

Stop leasehold Help to Buy sales, says Brokenshire

Housing secretary James Brokenshire wants to stop all leasehold houses being sold through the Help to Buy scheme, according to an interview in The Times.

First-ever national housing audit hopes to push design up the agenda

A national audit of new-built housing is launching this summer to examine how design quality has changed in the past decade.

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